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Who is Technique Studio Photography ?

Hello, we are the dynamic duo, Peter & Monique. Read more about us here.

How will I receive my photographs ?

Depending our your chosen collection. Your final gallery will be sent to you via an electronic gallery link, where you can download and share all the high-re electronic copies of your photographs  before we deliver your hard copies and USB. 

Where are you based?

We are based in Port Elizabeth, but we love traveling and have a soft spot for road trips.

How long will the online gallery be available for ?

Your online gallery is valid for 1 calendar year from the date it's uploaded. A preview will also be uploaded to our portfolio site. 

Do you Travel of Weddings ?

OH YES ! we love traveling and photographing new locations. You can read more about or transportation rates in our wedding collections brochure. Inquire here. 

How many weddings do you photograph per year ?

We do a limited amount of 40 weddings per year. This allows us the opportunity to pay close attention to each and every wedding we do in order to complete it timeously. Paired with 40 weddings are 40 exciting engagement sessions that fill the open spots in the year

When we are not fixed to desks with bottomless coffee's, we are doing lifestyle and portrait sessions throughout the year as well. 

Who will be photographing our wedding day?

We will be photographing your wedding day together, as a team. 

When can I schedule my engagement session?

We schedule your engagement session 2 - 3 months prior to your wedding. If you'd like it sooner, you are welcome to request and we can schedule a suitable date.

We are full time photographers and are willing to schedule sessions during the week as we are usually booked for weddings over the weekend. If you are unable to schedule a weekday session we also offer available Sunday's as an option.

Describe your style of photography ?

We put some thought into this answer because this forms part of the culture of our photography. 

- Authentic, Timeless, Unscripted. 

This means that we focus on capturing moments as it happens. Documenting moments that often go missed or unseen, but holds so much meaning. No uncomfortable poses, just love and laughter. 

Do you offer any optional extra's

Yes, we offer printing of albums, archival prints and canvas' after your special day should you wish to order. You can find our Optional extra's pricelist's by clicking here. 

Describe a typical wedding day ?

Each wedding is different and we treat it this way. We spend time to create a fitting timeline for your day to highlight how we spend the hours. This does not include traveling time as we only focus on the time spent from the first photograph captured, to the last. 

How long does an album take ?

We spend time to design the perfect layout of your album. We then send it to you for proofing before submitting it to our supplier. 

Our supplier promises a 7 - 12  work day waiting period before couriering it to us in Port Elizabeth. 

As soon an we receive it, we will arrange delivery. 

Could additional hours be added to a wedding day?

Sure, no problem. We'll just invoice you for the additional hours after the event. Our hourly rates are mentioned in our contract. 

What are your pricing and how do I go about securing my date ?

Great question! Start by popping us an email, here, tell us a little more about your special day or the session you are interested in. We love receiving new inquiries so expect us to respond immediately. 

If you are ready to secure your date, we have a short electronic questionnaire that you complete in order for us to prepare your invoice and contract. 

All further information will be included in the communication that follows. 

Will we receive the Raw, unedited images?

After the session or wedding, all the RAW photographs go through a process of culling and post production to perfect the finished product. We want to create a coherent look and feel to your final gallery almost like putting icing on a cake. It's because of this reason that we do not provide our RAW images together with the edited images. 

Any advice?

Remember that after the music has ended and the guests have gone home. All you have left are your beautiful memories captured and preserved for a lifetime. Therefore, don't compromise your memories.  

Secondly, embrace the moment. Take in every second. The day you've spend months, even yours dreaming about and planning is finally here, just have fun. 


Dance with your shoes off,

Enjoy all the food, 

Just take in all that your day has to offer and don't miss out on anything. 

Describe your editing style ?

We look at editing as an art form, something that adds that final touch to the end product. Our editing is focused on firstly perfecting skin tones and then adding that artistic flare. 

Have any questions or need further elaboration ?

click here and pop us a message and we will reply as soon as possible.

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